Pandora´s Clock

Understanding our fertility

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    Maureen Freely, Celia Pyper

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    Sex education, Abortion, Work of reference

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    Jürgen Heinrichs

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"Pandora´s clock" is a book about "Understanding our fertility". Maureen Freely and Celia Pyper examine the issues and emotions surrounding family planning, pregnancy, parenthood, genetic screening, abortion and infertility. They provide us with the information we need to understand how our biological clocks work and make the most of the choices available to us.

Simone Veil has died

As health minister, she introduced the right to have an abortion into France.


MUVS Photography Competition: Stock Photos of Abortion

MUVS Vienna is reaching out to obtain photographs that illustrate the critical situation of a woman with an unwanted pregnancy in a realistic way. Photographers are invited to grapple with the difficult topic of unwanted pregnancy and abortion in a creative way.